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Beirut, Lebanon.


Brand Identity, App,
UX Design, UI Design.


Sports, Lifestyle,
Technology, Services.

Dibs is a sports venue booking platform offering amateur players easy access to venues and a community of friendly teammates and competitors. It is the first of its kind in the Lebanese market.


We selected colors that would help us create a clear and energetic UI design, incorporating green and red for positive and negative interactions.

Dark Blue

R05 G342 B68


Flashy Green

R107 G244 B197



R244 G64 B78



C0 M0 Y0 K0


UI Design

We wanted to transmit as much of the information needed by the user to maneuver successfully, while maintaining clear categorization and an uncluttered layout. The fixed main page gives the user easy access to three categories of events, while being able to smoothly scroll amongst events within each category.

UX Design

Keeping in mind the main user personas - the captain (event creator), the players (event participants), and the venue managers – we designed the user experience based on the expected journeys of each persona during all three stages: pre-game, booking, and post-game.

“Kolaps has been to us the first and the last resort. For any endeavor we have, they always take the risk and lead in researching and creating. This is how they reinvented dibs.”

Rayan Ismail, CEO

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